Zer0-19 provides:

  1. Psychoeducational counseling to children, adolescents and their parents (in Greek and English)
  2. Special education to children and adolescents
  3. Parental counselling (both English and Greek speaking parents)
  4. Career counselling psychometric testing and consultation to adolescents and adults (in Greek and English)
  5. Educational assessments for students of all ages in Greek and English
  6. Educational assessments of school readiness
  7. Psychoeducational assessments in English for bilingual or foreign students of all ages who speak English as their first language
  8. Applications to English-speaking Universities Abroad
  9. Researching facilities for applicable university degrees for each student (in English Speaking or French Speaking Universities)

Zero19 Nea Ionia

Model center for parents and children

Zero19 Korinthos

Model center for parents and children

Career Counselling

Near the completion of their basic education, adolescents are now looking for suitable future education and plausible future career paths as well as a comprehensive career counseling proposals.